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DT310 world's biggest Flash Drive

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The world's biggest Flash Drive

We are using Flash Drive to exchange data or to backup our important data. In market we are usually seeing 64GB capacity Flash drives. Recently Kingston Data Traveler introduced a new 256GB capacity Flash drive. Data Traveler 310 DT310 is the name of this flash drive. The transparent look giving more attractive in this Drive. The size of DT300 is with 73.7mm in length, 22.2mm in width, Weight is also very less. Since the size of this drive is somewhat bigger than the normal flash drive, if your computer / laptop having two USB drive very closely, we cannot use the next USB drive.
The LED light indicates when the drive is accessed. DT300 is  formatted as NTFS. Even a 4GB capacity file also we can store in DT300.  Password Traveler which has come inbuilt with this drive is giving privacy to others. Using this, we can format private , public zones. The files which will be stored in the private zone requires the password to access them.

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Good Domain Name For Business

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           When we plan to start a business then another important thing to remember is maintaining a site with good Domain Name. Domain plays important role because the world started running on the computer. It means that most of them use computer if they need any information or to purchase anything. Hosting a domain is available in three offers like beginner hosting, home hosting and business hosting. Each hosting has features like storage, data transfer, email account and many more. The offer in each hosting depends on the package you select. Not only for business, a site with good domain name can be useful to earn money from home i.e. as a part time job from home hosting.
Beginner hosting is also useful for the one who just started the business or for small business. Similarly, for huge business you can go
with business hosting. If you have any quires regarding this, domain name you can directly chat with the experts. More over they are providing us a domain names at affordable price. The domain name renewal and hosting can be done by transferring our name to domain express. It is secure and no need to worry and with every free domain, we have features like multiple email forwarding, web forwarding and advanced DNA management.

Tips for Twitter

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it comes to social media, no one "gets it" as well as Twitter.
According to Econsultancy, as of Jan 2010, Twitter has 75 million user
accounts, with about 15 million of that total being active users.
That's a lot of people sending a lot of Tweets. This micro-blogging
service makes it easy for small businesses and entrepreneurs to stay in
touch with those who choose to follow them, and stay updated on new
products, services, specíal offers, industry news and more. It's a
win-win for both the Tweeter, and their followers.

When it comes to using Twitter, there's a right way and a wrong way to
use it. Your messages must be kept short, under 140 characters, and
they need to be helpful or informative. Don't carry on about what you
ate for breakfast, or the fact that you just brushed your teeth. People
will unfollow you faster than they can hit the button, even if you do
have good oral habits.

I've been using Twitter for a long time now and here's what I've found
works best when participating in this close knit community of few

1) Regular Postings: Now I'm not saying you need to post every
day, although that would be nice. You do need to make an appearance on a
regular basis. It's like school - you need to show up to pass. Be a
contributor that your followers get to really know and look forward to
your Tweets. If you're the type of person who needs to plan ahead, you
can always use a service that allows you to schedule tweets in advance.

2) Retweet: If you see Tweets posted by other users that you
think your followers would like, then retweet them. It only takes one
click, and you'll also be creating goodwill with other Twitter users at
the same time. If you'd like, you can add a personal thought or
comment before sending it. Also, make it easy for others to retweet
your posts by adding RT buttons to your website or blog.

3) Be Helpful: Keep in mind Twitter is a form of social Media, so
social interaction is key. It's not all about you. Whenever a chance
arises to answer a question, participate in a survey, or help solve a
problem, do so. In this way you're participating in the community. This
also will help your brand and image when others know they can count on
you for support or feedback.

4) Don't Be A Follow CopyCat: Don't follow everybody who follows
you. This is probably my biggest pet peeve when it comes to Twitter.
So many people turn this feature on to auto follow those who follow
them. Why would you want to do this? I'd prefer that those I follow are
people and topics I've hand-selected that interest me, and not a
mish-mash of followers who may be ranting about things I have no
interest in. Be selective in who you follow or your Twitter stream
could quickly fill up with junk or spam.

5) What to Tweet:
Make sure that the tweets you post are helpful and/or informative.
Late breaking news pertaining to your industry, as well as any specials
or sales you may have going on are always good topics. If you find
something you think your followers would like, especially if it's free
or a bargain, share the love. Plus, if your tweets are good, it will
encourage others to retweet them.

6) Comment: Particpate in the community by commenting on other
people's tweets. If you can answer a question, do so. It doesn't hurt
and people really will appreciate it when you take the time to comment
on what they have to say. It lets them know that others are actually
listening to what they have to say in the "Twitterverse".

7) Say Thank You:
When someone takes the time to retweet one of your tweets, make sure
to reply to them with a "thank you". Manners rule online as well as
off, and they'll like the fact that you noticed the retweet and took
the time to show some gratitude. It may even inspire them to retweet
more of your tweets in the future.

8) Be Personal: Again, I don't need to know what you ate for
dinner, but every now and then you should show your human side with a
creative thought, quote, or other statement. Let people know you're
"real" and not just a lean mean business machine. You want to tread
lightly in this area. Too personal is overkill, but a little can help
in establishing a connection with your followers.

9) Post Pictures/Video: Remember, Twitter is not just for text.
It's easy to post short videos, and pictures too. It's nice to mix it
up a little and share content in other formats as well.

10) Talk About More Than Yourself: It's not all about you, so
please don't make all your tweets one big marketing message, such as
only tweeting about your latest press release, blog posting, or article
that was published. No one will want to follow you if you're one big
commercial. Yes, some of this is fine in moderation, but you need to
walk a fine line and mix it up with other helpful, interesting topics.

Now it's time to start putting these tips into action. Social media is
all about participating and listening to what others have to say. It's
all about creating and sharing information and becoming part of the
community. If you approach Twitter in this fashion, you'll not only
have a lot more fun, but your followers will like and respect you - and
if that doesn't strengthen your brand, nothing will.

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Tamil Latest Movies Free Download

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ICFAI Programs

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The ICFAI University believes in creating and disseminating knowledge and skills in core and frontier areas through innovative educational programs, research, consulting and publishing. Through its programs, it seeks to develop individuals with a high level of competence, a deep sense of ethics and unwavering commitment to their codes of professional conduct. The University offers bachelors, master’s and doctoral Programs in management, finance, science and technology, information technology and other areas especially for working professionals.

ICFAI Programs

Professional Programs

The Executive MBA

The MBA Program

The MCA Program

MIFA program (Master of Investment & Financial Analysis)

MIPM Program (Master of Investment & Portfolio management)

CPA program

Master Degree Programs

Master of Aviation Mgt

Master of Infrastructure Mgt

Master of Telecom Mgt

Master of Media Business Mgt

Master of Hospital Administration

Master of Logistics Mgt

Master of Agri-Business Mgt

Master of Pharma Business Mgt

\Diploma Degree Programs

Export and Import Management

Human Resource Mgt

Supply Chain Mgt  Business



Training and Development

Quality Management

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Retail Management

Customer Relationship Mgt

Brand Management

For admission details please contact:

Rameshkumar N.S.G


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Dont operate Laptop in Bed

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1.    Not to operate LAPTOP  on our beds.

2.    Not to allow them to get charged  on our beds  OR  allow them without disconnecting the power supply .

3.    Not to leave Lap tops in “ON “ condition OR on their own (even without charging) and go to sleep or without attendance.

4.    Do  not leave  a laptop on a bed without attendance.

{ Reason being : In absence of fan cooling there will be generation of extensive heat resulting in hot spot & finally culminating in fire}

Please go through a case report given by one our  colleague.

As most of us love to work with  laptop placed on the bed, below is excellent info to justify our practice.

LAPTOP awareness information.

A  family in Mequon lost their 25 year old son Arun Gopal  

in a freak fire accident at home June 4th. This is exactly what happened.

Arun had graduated with MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison just two weeks earlier and had came home from the campus for a day.

He had lunch with his dad at home and decided to go back to to clean up his room at the campus. However, his dad told him to wait and see his mother before returning to the campus as she was due back from work in a couple of hours. He decided to take a snooze while waiting for his mom while his dad went out.

Neighbors called 911 when they saw black smoke coming out of the house. The 25 year old Arun died in the three year old house. It took several days of investigation to find out the cause of the fire. It was determined that the fire was caused by laptop in the bed.

When the laptop is on the bed, the area below it is blocked and the cooling fan does not get air to cool it  and that is what caused the fire.

Arun did not even wake up to make any effort to get out of bed as he died of massive carbon monoxide inhalation. The purpose of this "forward" is to make aware that most of us use our laptop in bed and often go to sleep with it next to us. Please make it a practice not to do that.

The risk is very real. Make it a rule not to use the laptop in bed

Search Engine Optimisation

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        We can say that it is the best SEO Company Essex. Search Engine Optimisation helps your business in improving traffic to your website. It mainly depends on the keywords required. The experts who have many years of experience in this field take up this Search Engine Optimisation. They even focus their view on web development. It is considered as the pillar. They see that the web site is clean, fast loading, quick and easy. They design the page in such a way that from single page to many entire site, multimedia development, E-Commerce and many more. You can even give them call back request. In very simple, just by filling a form and submitting it. Yet, it is the best way to increases your profits.

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Important C Networks Interview Quesitons

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Questions in Brocade R&D

1. explain about function ptr
2. height of the tree
3. order of the tree (types of traversal)
4. tell me about structure padding
5. explain about hash function
6. what is static variable
7. difference between global variable and static variable
8. virtual memory segments
9. Rip convergence time with several topologies
10. what is HA
11. difference between HA and pizzabox stacking
12. differnce between sll and dll
13. average case of quick sort
14. binary search
15. why we need double ptr
16. rope lighting puzzle
17. why ARP?
18. smaphore?
19. diffrence between RIP and OSPF
20. question about DCB
21. question about CN

Infinite Solution (comm net ) Interview Questions

How many Collisions Domains are there in a switch ?
Ans : That is equal to the Number of Ports in the Switch

How many Broadcast Domains are there in a switch ?
Ans : Only One

How can we Increase the Number of Broadcast Domains ? How ?

Ans : yes, Vlans

What is the Upper Limit for the Number of Vlans in a switch ?
Ans:4096 (2 ^ 12 =4096) 12 bits

How RSTP is Different from STP ?

How Distance Vector Routing Differs from Link State Routing ?

Which Converges Faster RIP or OSPF ?

Why PTP when we have NTP ?

Why NTP cant Achieve Nano Second Sync ?

Explain what you know about OSPF ?

Explain a bug you fixed ?

What are the Data structures you Know ?

when will you use typedef ?

how will you copy an array to another ?

Ans : i said MEMCPY , but he said there is one more way ?
i dont know :(

How will you copy Structures ?

use MEMCPY, Assign Individually (if Pointers and Strings are present we have to copy them Individually)
or use assignmnet s1=s2;

what ## operator how it is used in Macros ?

Ans : ?????

How will you find a number is a power of 2 ?

x&(x-1)  ==0

Explain me steps in Reversing a Linked list 2 ptr Approach ?

CISCO interview questions....

1. Conditions for ports to get aggregated.
2. Is the below arithmetic operations allowed on pointers.
int *a, *b, *c;
c= a+b;
c= a-b;
3. Write a pgm to determine the length of a string without using counters.
4. Write a pgm to swap the first and last character of a string.
5. Explain MRP. Use of MVRP.
6. Pkt format. How 4k VLANS get encoded  in MRPPDU .
7.  What are the three most important things done in a switch when a VLAN is configured?
8 . Explain the VLAN path creation and data traffic forwarding using MVRP.
9.  LLDP specific questions.
10. Process creation in linux.
11. How MRP task gets created in ISS.
12. Will LA work over layer 3 ports.
13. Explain woirking of STP. How root bridge and ports are getting selected.
14. PNAC related questions (in fact they asked all the protocols that was written in the resume.)
15. HA related qns. Qns related to the usage of Gracious ARP.
16. What will happen if a malicious user is sending control packets at a high rate to the switch. How to handle such a scenario.
17. Some questions related to CPU performance..
18. What are the different storage classes?
19. Why shld a variable be declared as static. (Need for static variables)
20. Qns on register storage class. When will a variable be declared as register.
21. What will happen if a programer declares the storag type of 100 local variables as register.
2 2. Whats the format of function with variable argument list? Most commonly used function that has variable argument.
2 3. How will the compiler know the number of arguments in a function with variable arguments.
24. Some more questions on variable argument list.
25. Qns on packet flow. Explain the flow that occurs when a packet is received on a port.
2 6. Type of message posting mechanism used.
27. Different data structures that I have used. What is the criteria for choosing a particular data structure.
28. Debugging tools that I have used.
29. What is the approach taken while writting the test plan.
30. Software life cycle model used in the project.
31. How the RTM is prepared.
32. Difference between access port and trunk port.
33. What will happen if one port in a port channel is access port and other is trunk?
3 4. Definition of Hashing.
35. What is hash function?
36. How the collision in Hashing is handled?
37. Some general questions on RB Tree like how it is balanced.
3 8. What will happen if the tree is not balanced.

Brocade interview questions.

Courtesy: Abishek


Requesting Prabu to share his part.

1> Most of the questions were on IGMP protocol (60-70 %) (Data Structure, Interaction with BCM , Timer involved)
2> need of Check Sun in TCP Fiels
3> Need of Check Sum in IP Files
4> Whuch checksum keep on chanfing on differnt hop ?
5> How Learning happens for Tag/Untag Packets
6> How Multicast entry arte programmed in BCM?
7> Differnce in Multicast Table for Mac and IP Based Snooping
8> What is ARP and RARP ?
9> Where is RARP protcol works ?
10> How Routing works ( 3 nodes are there what will packets format at each node ?)

Questions in C
1> What will happen if we call the function recursively ?
2> What is the o/p when two pointers are substracted ?
3> If we are given two pointer p and p+1 can we find out type of poiner ?
4> what is differnce betwwem macro and inline function
5> Define a macro for calculating square
6> O/p of following
char *a= "hello",
a[0] = 'b'
printf ("\r %s \n", a);

7> Differnet Type of Memory (Stack Heap, ...)
8> What are the sequence happen when a function is called ?
9> what haapen when a local variable is returend from the function ?

1> What are pthreads ?
2> Differnce between thread and process ?
3> How OS Schedules differnt threads ?
4> Need of Semaphore in Multi Thread Application ?
5> Differnt element of Process Table
6> Differnce betwwem malloc and calloc

Programs to Write

1> An Array of 20 elements is defined and initialized with 0
Some of them are initilaized to 1 for eg: a[3] =1 , a[7] = 1 a[8] =1 a[9] =1 and a[20] = 1;
Output should be 3,7-9,20

2> Program to Display information from Single Link List in Sorted Order.

Sl. No. Team/Project    Experience (in years)
               Development     SQA
1       SGSN    5 to 10 1 to 5
2       MME/LTE 3 to 5  1 to 5
3       Automation              1 to 5
4       PDSN            1 to 5
5       Diameter        3 to 11 1 to 5
6       In-line Services        4 to 7  1 to 5
7       IMS     1 to 5  1 to 5
8       ASNGW   8 to 12         1 to 5
9       Femto CDMA              1 to 5
10      AAA     1 to 6
11      ICSR    5 to 10
12      TPO     3 to 6
13      Tools   3 to 9







I would be the greatest sinner in the world, if I do not mention about Muthuraj before starting this mail. Had not for Muthu, I would have packed may bags and headed to destination after the first round itself. Hail Muthu for starting this mail chain

{Do curse Prabu for not sharing anything}. ?

O.K. Jokes Apart, I attended interview with Juniper Networks B’lore. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the result (I am hoping for some good news, please do pray for me). It consisted for five rounds of face-to-face interview. Earlier I had done with a round of telephonic and the questions have been shared already in the mail chain. It consisted of all the flavors in the interview, Protocols, C, Pgming, OS (?) & Attitude test. Sure, it was a very nice experience.

1.  First round was more of C basics and Protocols
2.  What is the difference between RSTP and MSTP?
3.  Explain RSTP
4.  Explain MSTP
5.  Draw a topology and explain RSTP
6.  Explain the MAC address table build-up in a network
7.  How does it learn?
8.  What is the difference between switching and Routing? (Hail Chezhian)
9.  Were you involved in any design? I explained PTP (should have chosen something else)
10. Why you chose this?
11. I explained PTP
12. Explain PTP and population of DS
13. How your design is useful in the packet flow?
14. Write a pgm to delete a node in DLL
15. What are the types of vbles?
16. Explain static
17. explain extern
18. why static vble value is never lost?
19. what is life-time and scope for all the variables?
20. and many such
21. Second round was again PB and C
22. What is PB?
23. Explain PB
24. Explain PBB
25. Explain a typical scenario of usage of PB
26. Why we need to use CEP and CNP?
27. What is the need for two different types of Ethertypes?
28. Can we achieve the same without difference ethertypes? (This and other PB, STP related stuff were mere discussion)
29. Write a pgm to do strcpy
30. write a pgm to do strcpy even if addresses overlap (I forgot this)
31. some wrong C code he wrote and he asked to spot the error
32. Stack and heap memory , text, BSS…. Asked everything ?
33. Then the third round. This time it was simple
34. Pgm to delete a node in doubly Olar linked list (need 2 take care of boundary conditions)
35. Pgm to do in-order Tree without usage of recursion
36. pgm to find whether number is power of 2 or not? (only one bit will be set)
37. And other logical questions
38. What you learnt in support? (I told soft skills and he was happy)
39. Finally he told HR will meet me (naan kooda mudichutangalaonu nimbi okkanthdu irundhaen)
40. now started the anti climax
41. One more fellow came and blasted everything in OS. I told him I am not that well in OS and am trying to learn.
42. Asked how 2 processes communicate. I told abt shared memory and message queues.
43. Then pgm to find a loop in SLL. I did not do well for this one
44. Pgm to find strcmp
45. Then more questions on C and other OS related stuff.
46. How does sizeof work? ( I said don’t know, he asked me to guess. Then I told probably, this is fn, it declares an instance of vble inside provided as input and finds the amt of memory occupied… reaction was “Out-of-box”. “Idharku thanae asaipattai Balakumara ?]
47. Then final rnd. This was more of Attitude determining round
48. How wuld u test ATM
49. What are the features u like to have in ATM
50. Postman Problem (Just they determine the attitude)
51. Red balls, white balls story
52. Then he explained what the BU is about and what they are doing and abt the growth of their BU. He also told about the protocols to be developed in the coming years.
53. Sari, anadhu ayipochunu nannum 2 questions kaetaen ?




Some more questions for Juniper ?

1.  Explain your current project
2.  How do you handle packet processing?
3.  What kind of mech is used b/w various threads in the project?
4.  What is a binary tree?
5.  What is a RBTree?
6.  Explain RBTree Traversal Algorithm
7.  Explain Tree Balancing
8.  What is Spanning Tree
9.  Explain overview of MSTP
10. Explain various timers in MSTP
11. Can timers be optimized in MSTP
12. Is MSTP implementation resource efficient with all these timers?
13. What is VSTP?==> The Answer VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol.. and is equivalent to PVRST. I did not know this ? shame on me
14. Explain the data structure implementation in current proj
15. Why you choose this one?
16. Any performance parameters considered?
17. Explain the difference b/w MACROs & inline functions
18. What are the storage classes in C?
19. Explain what is meant by "extern"?
20. What does the compiler do when it sees something as extern?
21. How can u achieve the functionality of extern without using it?
22. What is meant by 'static'?
23. what does the compiler do when it sees something as 'static'
24. More questions on malloc
25. what is stack memory and what is heap memory
26. Roughly draw the stack for a function
27. And more questions in C. I forgot
I forgot to attach the questions that asked by Huawei.
Please find thye below.

1. write a function to find the ethernet packet is IP packet or not?
2. write a pgm to find the little endifan and big endian.
3. write a program to convert the HTONL, NTOHL, NTOHS and HTONS.
4. write a program to multiply n with 32? This is one mokkai question?
5. Tell about the VLAN tag format.
6. Draw the ethernet packet?

Today I have attended the force 10 networks interview.
These are the questions asked by them.

1. Delete a node in the double linked lidt.
2. Reverse a linked list. - I used rescursive fun to delete.
3. How to find a given number is multiple of 2 without using shift operator, div and mod operator.
4. Asked questions on GARP.
5. At what base we are choosing the data structure.
6. How many number of nodes in level L. Write a generic formula to find it.
7. One puzzle.

I have completed 5 face to face interview of Juniper. Here are the questions asked to me.
I hope this will helpful for attending the Juniper.

Totally i had 7 rounds of Interview. This is the marathon interview i faced first in my life. But it was very interesting, enjoyable and lead you to learn lot of things.

First 2 rounds are telephonic, questions are

Round 1) Basic C concepts like storage classes, malloc related questions.
Round 2) Whatever we specified in our resume.

Round 3 - Round 7 (Face to Face)

These rounds can be a mixed of C, Data structures and OS.
1. Program to find the little endian or Big endian.
2. Multiplication using bitwise operators.
3. RB tree traversal.
4. Delete a node from double linked list. Should take care of all boundary conditions.
5. Consider you are having the SLL of data 1,3,5 and you are having the new node as 2. We have insert the node 2 in between the 1 and 3 but you have given the pointer of node 3. possible or not?
6. Set the nth bit program.
7. what is the difference between the MACROs and functions.
8. Advantage and disadvantage of MACROs.

1. Postman problem. write the strategy to deliver the mails faster.
2. Ratio of red marbles and white marbles in red box and white box.

Subject: RE: Juniper interview questions

My Experience

1 ) Void function1 (int x)
int couter = 0;

   counter ++;
   x = x & (x-1);

/* What this piece of code is doing */

2 ) Reverse a Linked List
--> i fillowed 3 pointer Approach
---> why are you using Three Pointers ?

3) Linked List Problem , The Interviwer Created his own Problem
--> For solving the problem i need to use Circular linked lists
---> using malloc

4) Three Puzzles



5) I am getting a vlan 100 tagged packet in my switch , explain step by stepwhat will happen ?

6) about PTP (IEEE 1588)

7) About PTP (IEEE 1588) State machine

8)  RSTP , MSTP , STP what do you know abt these protocols

9)  Explain Project in your Resume

10) Tell me abt yourself



I forgot to attach the questions that asked by Huawei.
Please find thye below.

1. write a function to find the ethernet packet is IP packet or not?
2. write a pgm to find the little endifan and big endian.
3. write a program to convert the HTONL, NTOHL, NTOHS and HTONS.
4. write a program to multiply n with 32? This is one mokkai question?
5. Tell about the VLAN tag format.
6. Draw the ethernet packet?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orkut Love Story

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A guy lost his girlfriend in a train accident....

But the gal's name nowhere appeared in the dead list. This guy grew up n became IT technical architect in his late 20's, achievement in itself!!.

He hired developers from the whole globe and plan to make software where he could search for his girl friend through the web...

Things went as planned and he found her girl friend, after losing millions of dollars and 3 long years!!

It was now time to shut down the search operation,

But then at the same time the CEO of Google had a word with this guy n took over this search application,

This Software made a whopping 1 billion dollars profit in its first Year,

which we today know as ORKUT.

The guy's name is ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN . Yes it’s named after him only.
Today he is paid a hefty sum by Google for the things we do like scrapping. He is expected to b the richest person by 2009.

ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN today has 13 assistants to monitor his scrapbook & 8
to monitor his friends-list. He gets around 20,000 friend-requests a day & about 85,000 scraps!!!

See what true love can do.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chennai New CCNP Course

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The CCNP Syllabus has changed and after 31st of July you cannot write the old syllabus, and now you can choose one of two approaches to become a CCNP. The total number of papers is 5. TROUTE, TSWITCH, ONT, REMOTE ACCESS, TSHOOT.










  • The Second thing is, we are starting a weekend batch for CCNP (TROUTE & TSWITCH) For Just Rs. 11,000. It's going to be in two timings. The batches will schedule from 16th of August for the weekday batch and 14th of August for the weekend batch.

Note: If you prefer batch timing other than the mentioned ones, feel free to inform your convenient timings.

Weekdays (Mon – Fri)

Weekends ( Sat – Sun)

Timings : 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Timings: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Please respond with a mail or a phone call, if you are interested in joining. The classes will be for three months, both weekend and weekday classes

Be the first to learn the NEW Syllabus

We Request you to visit our center, have a look at our Lab and take your decisions. The address and the contact details are available below.



Address: No.4/7, Seetha Nagar Main Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 34

Phone: 044 - 43561552,




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