Friday, August 27, 2010

DT310 world's biggest Flash Drive

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The world's biggest Flash Drive

We are using Flash Drive to exchange data or to backup our important data. In market we are usually seeing 64GB capacity Flash drives. Recently Kingston Data Traveler introduced a new 256GB capacity Flash drive. Data Traveler 310 DT310 is the name of this flash drive. The transparent look giving more attractive in this Drive. The size of DT300 is with 73.7mm in length, 22.2mm in width, Weight is also very less. Since the size of this drive is somewhat bigger than the normal flash drive, if your computer / laptop having two USB drive very closely, we cannot use the next USB drive.
The LED light indicates when the drive is accessed. DT300 is  formatted as NTFS. Even a 4GB capacity file also we can store in DT300.  Password Traveler which has come inbuilt with this drive is giving privacy to others. Using this, we can format private , public zones. The files which will be stored in the private zone requires the password to access them.





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