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Tips for Twitter

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it comes to social media, no one "gets it" as well as Twitter.
According to Econsultancy, as of Jan 2010, Twitter has 75 million user
accounts, with about 15 million of that total being active users.
That's a lot of people sending a lot of Tweets. This micro-blogging
service makes it easy for small businesses and entrepreneurs to stay in
touch with those who choose to follow them, and stay updated on new
products, services, specĂ­al offers, industry news and more. It's a
win-win for both the Tweeter, and their followers.

When it comes to using Twitter, there's a right way and a wrong way to
use it. Your messages must be kept short, under 140 characters, and
they need to be helpful or informative. Don't carry on about what you
ate for breakfast, or the fact that you just brushed your teeth. People
will unfollow you faster than they can hit the button, even if you do
have good oral habits.

I've been using Twitter for a long time now and here's what I've found
works best when participating in this close knit community of few

1) Regular Postings: Now I'm not saying you need to post every
day, although that would be nice. You do need to make an appearance on a
regular basis. It's like school - you need to show up to pass. Be a
contributor that your followers get to really know and look forward to
your Tweets. If you're the type of person who needs to plan ahead, you
can always use a service that allows you to schedule tweets in advance.

2) Retweet: If you see Tweets posted by other users that you
think your followers would like, then retweet them. It only takes one
click, and you'll also be creating goodwill with other Twitter users at
the same time. If you'd like, you can add a personal thought or
comment before sending it. Also, make it easy for others to retweet
your posts by adding RT buttons to your website or blog.

3) Be Helpful: Keep in mind Twitter is a form of social Media, so
social interaction is key. It's not all about you. Whenever a chance
arises to answer a question, participate in a survey, or help solve a
problem, do so. In this way you're participating in the community. This
also will help your brand and image when others know they can count on
you for support or feedback.

4) Don't Be A Follow CopyCat: Don't follow everybody who follows
you. This is probably my biggest pet peeve when it comes to Twitter.
So many people turn this feature on to auto follow those who follow
them. Why would you want to do this? I'd prefer that those I follow are
people and topics I've hand-selected that interest me, and not a
mish-mash of followers who may be ranting about things I have no
interest in. Be selective in who you follow or your Twitter stream
could quickly fill up with junk or spam.

5) What to Tweet:
Make sure that the tweets you post are helpful and/or informative.
Late breaking news pertaining to your industry, as well as any specials
or sales you may have going on are always good topics. If you find
something you think your followers would like, especially if it's free
or a bargain, share the love. Plus, if your tweets are good, it will
encourage others to retweet them.

6) Comment: Particpate in the community by commenting on other
people's tweets. If you can answer a question, do so. It doesn't hurt
and people really will appreciate it when you take the time to comment
on what they have to say. It lets them know that others are actually
listening to what they have to say in the "Twitterverse".

7) Say Thank You:
When someone takes the time to retweet one of your tweets, make sure
to reply to them with a "thank you". Manners rule online as well as
off, and they'll like the fact that you noticed the retweet and took
the time to show some gratitude. It may even inspire them to retweet
more of your tweets in the future.

8) Be Personal: Again, I don't need to know what you ate for
dinner, but every now and then you should show your human side with a
creative thought, quote, or other statement. Let people know you're
"real" and not just a lean mean business machine. You want to tread
lightly in this area. Too personal is overkill, but a little can help
in establishing a connection with your followers.

9) Post Pictures/Video: Remember, Twitter is not just for text.
It's easy to post short videos, and pictures too. It's nice to mix it
up a little and share content in other formats as well.

10) Talk About More Than Yourself: It's not all about you, so
please don't make all your tweets one big marketing message, such as
only tweeting about your latest press release, blog posting, or article
that was published. No one will want to follow you if you're one big
commercial. Yes, some of this is fine in moderation, but you need to
walk a fine line and mix it up with other helpful, interesting topics.

Now it's time to start putting these tips into action. Social media is
all about participating and listening to what others have to say. It's
all about creating and sharing information and becoming part of the
community. If you approach Twitter in this fashion, you'll not only
have a lot more fun, but your followers will like and respect you - and
if that doesn't strengthen your brand, nothing will.





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