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Want to reduce your fat?

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Want to reduce your fat?

Are you feeling worried about how to reduce your fat from the body? Here are the tips that become true if you follow them regularly.

1. Drink water as much as possible. Do you ever drink 6 liters of water daily on an average?

2. Consume raw fruits and vegetables or boiled vegetables. Do you eat raw vegetables daily?

3. Potatoes and rice should be avoided as much as possible. Did you avoid potatoes?

4. Try to walk if you are not able to run. Do you try to walk at least thirty minutes per day?

5. Don’t go crazy with Junk foods. Did you ever said no to pizza or KFC chicken?

6. Take yogurt or oatmeal as one of your meals. Did you ever taken yogurt as your meal?

7. Go for low fats milk products. Better avoid milk completely and go for black coffee or black tea. Did you reduce the consumption of milk after 30 as it is not good for health?

8. Avoid oily foods or use less oil while cooking. Did you tried to reduce oil in consumption?

9. Exercise daily in the early morning. Did you ever tried to take care of the body by doing simple exercise?

10. Use less/required amount of salt and sugar. Did you ever reduce the intake of sugar on the body?

11. Go for fresh fruits/ juice instead of canned juices. Was your first choice of drink was canned juice in shop?

12. Avoid carbonated drinks or sweetened bottle drinks. Did you aware not to drink carbonated drinks?

13. Go for dance or swimming class. Did you ever known the secret of going to dance class?

14. Eat meals at proper time. Did you ever have meals daily in proper timings?

15. Reduce the consumption of egg. Do you have habit to eat egg daily?

16. Avoid pork as much as possible. Did you ever said no to pork?

17. Avoid frying and go with baking. Did you thought to reduce frying?

18. Choose low fat or no fat substitutes. Did you ever have a thought about low fat substitutes?

19. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Did you quit taking alcohol or smoking thinking that is dangerous to health?

20. Yoga is the best way to reduce weight. Did you ever go to yoga class?

21. Don’t sit. Try to utilize by walking or standing. Did you ever think of getting up from the seat and walking?

22. Don’t sleep always in free time. Did you ever utilized the free time to do simple exercise?

23. Use non stick cook pan for cooking. Did you tried to use non stick for all preparation of foods?

24. Watch the intake of calories and fat daily. Did you ever counted on the intake of calories daily?

25. Go with brown or multigrain breads instead of white bread. Did you ever taken brown bread as alternative?

Come on and follow these steps and see the change in your body by fat burning.





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