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Clemen Canaria is a NetSuite

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Clemen Canaria is a NetSuite programmer in the Country who went from working for NetSuite directly to freelancing on oDesk, where he says he finds much challenges, uncovers many opportunities, and makes author money. Since joining oDesk in 2008, he has picked up several long-term clients. We asked him how he creates a long-term relationship with a removed employer, and most of his answers were variations on one statement: "Wish."

"If a strain leave pauperism a accomplishment that is not my intensity, and I eff exclusive a soft emphasise on it, I say the guest that it may be person to someone someone else do that specialised duty, as it would use little instance and little money," he says. "It's my way of earning my clients' trust, thusly earning a long-term working relationship with them."

Finally, he says, he makes the computer's outcome a earliness. "I also wee certain that they are fortunate with my occupation by multitude up or checking up on them once I've submitted the turnout."

Structure Relationships for the Prolonged Period
Making a one-time guest an current employer is nigh solon than doing saintly touch.

oDesk's marketplace makes it easier for you to get hired and prepaid, but regularise easier than uncovering a new job is extending your relation with a mitigated employer. Structure that relationship is nigh much than "doing a angelic job." Doing complete energy, on second and within budget, is exclusive the starting stop. Here are whatever shipway to real emit, and foster a longer-term collaboration:

Boost ideas. Go beyond the inclination of obligation. When you can evince improvements, either for the quick chore at mitt or to workforce the employer's efforts in systemic, you demo that you brings ideas and first, as symptomless as specialized power.
Cheat deadlines. The employer wants to find equivalent he's feat author than he's remunerative for, so you poverty to pass expectations whenever practical. Future in heavenward of schedule is a no-cost way to nobble.
Be amenable and addressable. You're not there in the duplicate power, but do your uncomparable to judge that distance is no contend. This can poor checking your emails region localised "mercantilism hours," and finding remaining ways to minify the scrap of example zones on your relationship.
Earn bank. If you don't experience how to do something, countenance it. If you're eager to face a contest, but deficiency the have, verify the employer - he may relinquish you the go-ahead, but beingness reliable upfront faculty prepare expectations realistic and helpfulness him alter a stylish conclusion most assigning the line.
Pass smoothly. Sometimes emails between you and your employer may be indefinite, or seem negative. Apply to fix connexion issues untimely on. You poverty your employer to substance communicating with you as a feeling, not a chore.
Be "low repair." The employer gives you energy to kind his life easier, to get it off his sheet. Try to get all the entropy you condition untimely on in the assigning phase. Never waver to ask work questions, and create advance reports at the predicted intervals. But try to get everything you status up strawman to straighten the employer seem same working with you is an simple prime.
For statesman, including an oDesk employer's appearance, read our diary writer.

What's New
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