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Kadhal to Kalyanam Movie

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A flick based on a RJ with music by Yuvan Shankar Patrician is sure a ambiguous gratify for music-lovers. Yuvan's dominance in interpretation difficult Midwestern tunes is widely known. He has yet again showed why he is admired by the youngsters in 'Kadhal 2 Kalyanam'.

The shoot directed by debutant Milind Rau stars somebody Arya's junior member Sathya and Divya Spandana in the travel roles. Dialogues are by Baradwaj Rangan, a domestic qualification success medium critic

The medium has appealing sound and the likes of Comedian Dayal, Chinmayi and Yuvan Shankar Patrician too S P Charan soul crooned the tracks. In majority, the songs are brisk, racy and entertaining to probe to.

1. Enakaga

Singers: Naresh Iyer, Andrea

A perfect first for the album. Sung by Naresh Iyer and Andrea, the song that has been scrivened by Pa Vijay throws light on the night spirit of Metropolis in a pacific and rhetorical way. It begins with enjoyment and proceeds in alter force. The Arts interludes are appealing too. Figure cheers to Yuvan.

2. Idhu Kadhalai

Singers: Comedian Dayal, Chinmayi

A strain with sophisticated beatniks, this has Comic Dayal and Chinmayi melodic it with communication. Yuvan's prize of instruments is notable. A nighttime gild strain, this one is trustworthy to expunge the modify chord with youngsters. Comic Dayal's classy rendition and Chinmayi's vim gives the strain honourable sheen.

3. Naa Vetta Pora Aadu

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Aristocrat, Roshini

Yuvan's tasteful and snazzy rendition is the lightness of the medium. It is a bachelor receiver strain that strikes to our mettle at the no. sensing itself. It is acuminate and informal. The rate and the interludes excrete it a distinct one. Yuvan's flowing melodic deserves a name.

4. Natpin Kadhaigalai

Singer: Krish

Krish is one vocalist who oozes with spirit and his songs bang always won the approving of music-lovers. Thanks to Yuvanshankar Patrician, he has crooned this strain that is supported on on friendship and exquisite memories. Tho' fleeting, it is a cloying one indeed.

5. Vellai Kodi

Writer: S P Charan

A peppy and a sentience song. S P Charan sings it with music and leaves a language all finished. The strain starts on a decelerate notation and the pace keeps flared as the strain progresses. Yuvan's catchy preludes kind it a stunning signaling. The lyrics are equally difficult. View out for the interludes, they are the identicalness for the strain.

6. Thedi Varuven

Producer: Toshi

Yuvan's proximity could be mat all through this song. The penalisation composer, in the assort of instrumentalist Toshi, has tried something new, but at the equal term within his really own name. A fleet paced wares, 'Thedi Varuven…' expresses symptomless the somaesthesia of a youngster in enjoy.

All said, 'Kadhal 2 Kalyanam' is an dynamical medium that would reconcile youngsters. Yuvan rocks yet again.





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