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Robots in Surgery

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Doctors at Chettinad Hospitals utilised a golem to execute a somebody valve commutation surgery on a 22-year-old uncomplaining, whose rheumatic disease had caused regulator transformation at a boylike age.

Vijayakanth had complained of breathlessness and pectus suffering. At the disposition of his problems were two valves (mitral and aortic) burst by rheumatic disease. Working as a driver in his hometown Pennagaram, Vellore regulate, Vijayakanth managed to militarize assets for the surgery.

Both the unhealthy valves were removed with the aid of robotic blazonry, which translated the medico's lowest movements (wrong a housing) into existent postoperative cuts and sutures on the uncomplaining.

The benefit with robotic surgery is that a smaller depression module suffice, virtually 4-6 cm, compared to around 22 cm in conventional open bravery surgery, said R. Ravikumar, musician, Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Robotic Surgery Confectionery, Chettinad Hospitals.

Consequently there is inferior paper modification, little execution, lower chances of infection, lower scarring, fewer symptom and a faster material phase, he said.

Attempting a robotic surgery for a duple regulator equal is labyrinthian, as the orientation of the valves and the hit to them are rugged, he explained.

Time endoscopic minimally trespassing procedures are state done, the robotic work scores over them, providing a three-dimensional human, increased umteen nowadays.

"At these levels of magnification, it becomes easier to grip procedures justified if we are controlled by tokenish encroachment." Also, the machine filters out the spontaneous tremors of the sawbones's forepaw, he extra.

Dr. Ravikumar claimed that the work (manifold regulator replacing with the aid of the robot) performed on Feb 21 was a rank of sorts.

The costs, nonetheless, are only Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 many than what it would outlay a customary unprotected mettle surgery to succeed two valves.

For Vijayakanth, the saw came up to about Rs.2.25 lakh.





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