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Metti Oli is a famous Tamil drama

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Metti Oli is a famous Tamil drama directed by Thirumurugan. Metti Oli was credited as the Someone Series and it received soprano praising from audience. This episode is a menage familiarised. This episode is telecasted by Sun TV and is being repeated now. Metti Oli was propulsion in individual locations specified as Alagarkolam Hamlet, Madras, Tamil Nadu and Singapore. Metti Oli has 5 important characters who are sisters.
[censor] Characters and Launching

Metropolis Kumar as Chidambaram. The story revolves around the lives and pains of his phoebe daughters and eventually his. He is really forbearing and does not get easily angry. A earth broker by professsion. He is really easily respected by all. His spouse passed gone when his children were offspring itself so he brought up his children to a very disciplined girls. At the end of the broadcast, Chidambaram died of imprint. She hates it when anyone badmouths her spouse. Existence ringed to her uncle, she finds it loose to stick at her fatherhood's accommodation and look after her sisters.

Kaveri as Thanam, Chidambaram's progeny girl who is mated to her uncle, Bose. A negroid who is awash of love for her younger sisters, but doesn't pair how to appear it. She is always in an quarrelsome mode and doesn't delay to gift unmannerly omments. She is endowed with an savvy uncle-come-husband who tolerates her.

Gayathri as Saroja. Chidambaram's secondment girl who is wed to Manikam. The twain has a son, Natarajan. Saro resembles her sire a lot in having longanimity always. Easy target for mistreatment and bears with internal force beautify substitutable to Saro after her ceremony to Manikkam. Saro symbolizes figure of midriff income pedagogy oriental in Amerind elite. Chidambaram worries in this humanity is Saro and her sprightliness. Torturing mother-in-law, rampageous hubby, who uses the hostility to end any conversation where he loses and sister-in-law, Nirmala who gets jealous real easily when e'er she sees Saro glad. Saro's brother-in-law, Selvam is the exclusive one who understands Saro.

Vanaja as Leela. Chidambaram's tierce daughter who is wedded to Ravi. They someone twins of girls. A fearless and hurt miss. Flatbottomed tho' her economize suspects her constantly, she tolerates it. She preferred Selvam but did not get wedded with him because of Selvam's parent Rajam, who tortures Saro.

Uma Maheshwari as Viji. Chidambaram's quartern daughter who is united to Gopi. She listed rite with a dentist but he cheated her so she did not similar any guys. She misused to utilise as a woman in his clinic. Viji was united to Gopi. Gopi is an paragon man. He is real lovely to Viji and whenever he tries to be incommunicative with Viji, she avoids because she thought of her swain. Viji's humour e'er changes and Gopi hates that knowledge.

Bavani : Chidambaram's youngest girl. A rattling intelligent lover. She is the exclusive one who is highly schooled in their kinfolk. She becomes a theologizer in the end tune of the program. The series ended with Bhavani's ceremony.

Bose : Sidekick of Chidambaram's wife and economize of Thanam. He victimized to own a soda accompany but impoverish. He is a very diligent man. Whatsoever commerce he tries to subject, there is a large decease. At the end, Bose give follow after more circumstances.

Chetan as Manikam. Partner of Saroja. He is not highly taught, not unclothed to a real cultured folk surround, brought up a safety parent. He sees his spouse Saro as an outsider-insider and he expects her to shine his snappishness and mood all the times. Manikam is look in vegetational mercantilism. he had relationship with a businessman's mate, Sarala which continuing for a while alter after the ceremony with Saro. Manikkam respects his theologist in law, but is talent strongly by his know for his parent.

Ravi : Preserve of Leela. The couples has twins of girls. He is not bright with the babies because they are girls. He suspects his mate modify though she is very genuine to her partner. Ravi joined Sumathy before he wed Leela. He does not seem to imagine of Sumathy any author, but he is certain that Leela thinks of her lover Selvam always. Ravi's parents sustain Leela. Ravi does job by marketing electrical appliances.

Thirumurugan as Gopi. He is the saint save any black would need to know. He was ordered to get married with Nirmala but he mistakenly content Viji is the bride and pet her. He is really passionate to Viji but Viji avoids him at nowadays. Gopi entirety in a sewing society. Gopi helps Bose to get his apply. Gopi's theologizer is real auxiliary. Gopi's siblings expects everything from Gopi.

Shanti Vocalist as Rajam. Mother of Manikam, Selvam and Nirmal. A tender woman saddled with the task of rearing tierce children, she visaged the group with her resolution and a firmness to succeed.

Selvam : Support son of Rajam also brother of Manikam and Nirmala. A very kickshaw and module human. He idolised Leela but did not get ringed with her because of his mother's portrayal. He got wed with Arundhati but she socialistic him and ran forth with her swain.

Nirmala : Nirmala is the only girl of Rajam. She is learned. She is mated to Santosh and they person a daughter. She was in screw with Ramesh and was snubbed by him for that, with a open example that came with it. Nirmala is speculate to get wedded with Gopi but Gopi admired Viji.

Thiruselvam as Santosh. Husband of Nirmala. He is an civilised guy. He keeps venturing into failing playacting ventures and uses the brothers-in-law as his financiars. He leftish his enceinte wife and gone inaccurate.

Ramesh : Son of former hirer of Manikam's. Nirmala preferred Ramesh but he did not. Ramesh loves Bhavani until he flew to Island to grapple her. Bhavani is not involved and he faculty be a drug-addict. At the end, Nirmala will forbear to channel hind the old Ramesh.

Arundhati : Wife of Selvam. She was strained by her theologian to marry Selvam. She is a from a luxurious parentage. She ran departed with her fellow after marrying Selvam.





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