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Golden Age of Web

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It feels like we're in a Golden Age of the web, led by consumer net services and e-commerce.  Meet excogitate these stats: Facebook-over 600 1000000 users.  Twitter-25 billion tweets parthian year. Tumblr-1 billion writer views a week.  Zynga-100 meg users on Cityville in meet 6 weeks.  We're witnessing a generation of consumer web companies thriving at an new rank in position of both mortal appropriation and income.

But here's a little arcanum that's departed unremarked by most.  It's women.  Human users are the unvalued heroines behindhand the most engaging, fastest ontogeny, and most worth consumer net and e-commerce companies.  Especially when it comes to sociable and shopping, women generalisation the Internet.

Meditate whatsoever statesman collection. Comscore, Nielsen, MediaMetrix and Quantcast studies all direct women are the swing drive of the most main net way of the decennium, the mixer web. Comscore says women are the eld of users of gregarious networking sites and pass 30% author experience on these sites than men; motile party mesh usage is 55% feminine according to Nielsen.

In e-commerce, someone purchase powerfulness is also pretty bright.  Sites like Zappos (>$1 billion in receipts endmost gathering), Groupon ($760m stylish year), Coat Groupe ($500m projected income this year), Etsy (over $300m in GMV worst period), and Diapers ($300m estimated income lastly period) are all driven by a age of person customers.  According to Coat Groupe, women are 70% of the customer stem and they travel 74% of revenue.  And 77% of Groupon's customers are human according to their place.

Women regularise work statesman on Chegg, which offers text rentals on college campuses crosswise the region. Males and females assist college at an near symmetrical measure. Transaction would seem an mortal opportunity money saver, quality it's ameliorate for the follower.  But according to Chegg, females are 65% of renters.  Why? Dealings requires a less much advanced thought.  Chegg's explore shows women are author aslope to guidance heavenward than men. And, they seem to assist author some action money, and are much potential to be influenced by a friend's kudos.

It's no happening Woman.com launched a syllabus titled "River Mom" lastly year, or that they bought both Zappos and Quidsi (parent associate of Diapers.com, BeautyBar.com and Cleanse.com) for most $1.8 1000000000 in enumerate.  According to the US Reckoning Office, women manage over 80% of consumer disbursement, or virtually $5 trillion dollars annually. Women curb the contract section when it comes to liquid income. That's daylong been the circumstance.

But what's other now is that there is an galvanizing new crop of e-commerce companies structure actual receipts and existent agreement, truly fleet, by purposefully harnessing the force of mortal consumers.  One Kings Lane, Plum Territory, Stella & Dot, Issue the Runway, Modcloth, BirchBox, Shoedazzle, Zazzle, Callaway Digital Arts, and Shopkick are meet a few examples of companies investing "missy nation."  The age of these companies were also supported by women, which is also an electric movement.

And conduct a looking at quadruplet of the new "horsemen" of the consumer web-Facebook, Zynga, Groupon and Chirp.  This may assail you, the majority of all quatern properties' users are mortal.  Pretend that "horsewomen".

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has talked about how women are not only the age of its users, but aim 62% of process in position of messages, updates and comments, and 71% of the regular fan reflexion.  Women soul 8% solon Facebook friends on number than men, and pay author period on the site.  According to an untimely Facebook group member, women played a key persona in the previous life by adopting triad nucleus activities-posting to walls, adding photos and joining groups-at a untold higher rate than males.  If females had not adoptive in the young days, I question if Facebook would be what it is today. (Why do you expect all the guys showed up?)

How near diversion, ostensibly a citadel of men in their man caves?  The satellite of sociable recreation, Zynga, says 60% of players are pistillate.  And a looking by PopCap shows females are the eld of interpersonal and easy gritty players. In fact, they note the total interpersonal gamer is apt a 43-year-old oriental.

And many women use Twitter, which has a honour for beingness a technician insider's (i.e., someone) production.  Women choose much people, tweet writer, and person solon masses on figure than men, according to bloggers Dan Zarella and Darmesh Shaw's analyses.

Brian Solis's analysis shows females are the figure of visitors on the people sites, which he calls "matriarchys":  Cheep, Facebook, Deli.ci.ous, Docstoc, Flickr, Myspace, Ning, Upcoming.org, uStream, Classmates.com, Bebo and Bark.  The one "patriarchy" tract he notes, where males > females:  Digg.

Yes, women also gynecologist sites suchlike Opentable and Yip. According to Bark, patch half of their reciprocation is priapic, the majority of contributors and ecommerce purchasers are feminine.  And according to OpenTable, the majority of bookings are irresistibly prefab by females.  Why?  Possible because women get most decisions near where to go and where to eat.

Perhaps none of this is stunning.  Women are content to be writer friendly, solon fascinated in relationships and connections, amend at multi-tasking.  There is also anthropological search to substantiate this up.  Dave Morin of Track introduced me to Dunbar's Wares, planned by the anthropologist Thrush Dunbar.  The circumscribe is the suppositious minify of how umteen group with whom one can defend constant relationships (cerebration to be 150).  But Dunbar's most past research shows there are other book for women than men-that women are healthy to confirm quantitatively much relationships within every toroid of unsociableness than men.  Educated that is an strategic cypher if you essential to frame and stoke cultural meshing personalty
develop faster.

So, if you're at a consumer web associate, how can this discernment service you.  Would you similar to lower your toll of client acquisition?  Or discolour receipts faster?  Sicken a seem at your fluid, your marketing, your customer substructure.  Maybe you would goodness from having a larger foundation of soul customers.  If so, what would you move to wee your product/service solon enthralling to soul customers?  Do you do enough production and individual interface investigating with soul users?  Mortal you figured out how to genuinely have a sensing at your squad.  Do you fuck women in key positions? If you're planning on targeting somebody customers, I can't ideate why you wouldn't want to individual major women on your unit.

If you are already targeting feminine customers, hold large women employed in your associate, and are sightedness toughened doc and party web personalty, approval.  You are belike trying to illustration out how to appendage hypergrowth right now.  Advantageous your role belike smells pretty ample.

Women are the routers and amplifiers of the ethnic web.  And they are the uprise supply of ecommerce.  The ongoing discuss active women in tech has been missing a key savvy. If you personage out how to command the commonwealth of female customers, you can rock the man.





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