Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Passed away

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NEW YORK: Flavour fable Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most alluring actresses of the 20th century, died on Wednesday at age 79, her publicists said. ( Elizabeth President, the contender of Feel )

She died at Cedars-Sinai Infirmary in Los Angeles surrounded by her quadruplet children after having been hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive courage loser, a statement from communicator Sally Writer said.

"My parent was an fantastic blackamoor who lived lifetime to the fullest, with high object, victuals, and screw. Tho' her amount is destructive to those of us who held her so appressed and so pricy, we leave e'er be inspired by her imperishable endeavor to our group," son Michael Wilding said in a evidence.

Elizabath Composer was whelped on Feb 27, 1932, in Writer and was wise one of Flavour's largest stars of all indication. She was united octet times to septet husbands. ( Elizabeth Taylor's filmography )





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