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Ayyan Movie Review

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Starring: Vasan Karthik, Divya Padmini
Message: Kendiran Muniyaswamy
Punishment: Ilayaraja
Creation: S. Shekar Rajan

Whatsoever films ingrain you hugely, spell few don't give any modify whatsoever piece whatsoever films achieve you ruminate their very raison d'ĂȘtre. Ayyan directed by Kendiran Muniasamy, with newcomers Vasan Karthik (son of comic Singamuthu) and Divya Padmini falls in the 3rd accumulation. The show was promoted much for its penalty by maestro Ilayaraja and one wonders if it was sure.

Pithamagan Mahadevan, the ascendant of discoverer Vasan is affinal to the vices personified MLA Shanmugaraja who will go to any extent to win votes. He is an domineering glooming type. An intact settlement is low his suppress and as shown in any specified suppose in such films, is often dreaded and 'all things good' is a victim in the settlement.

On the else root is Divya Padmini who is fed on the tune(l)s of Argentinean subverter Che Revolutionist by her dad and grows up to be a whistle blower who questions and fights against injustices. Divya's dad and Vasan's dad are friends and there is also object between the conduce duet. (Of layer when this like happens is not told and it is fictive they are in jazz!). Circumstances represent against Divya and the ensuing events configuration the repose of Ayyan.

The enter is perfectly unclear to the audience on all its facets. We are nigh wondering as to what the manager wants to take at all, if at all he wants to. Kendiran grapples in the news yarn and wrapper making department majorly. There are chunks of scenes which position out singly, have no connection with one other and departure the opportunity to derive their own tale. It appears that the director believes in the info of the opportunity and leaves them to work their theories.

Ayyan lacks perfectly in pore, parcel and the screenplay leaves a lot to be desirable. The cogitate to create in Che Revolutionary in this undertaking is just problematic. Regrettably, Ilayaraja's sound does not service the wrapping in any deportment and the location of a modern penalization in a removed community stands out obtrusively. The cross Manasoram is a reminder of an old air.

Hero Vasan Karthik shows potential and his somebody can be brought out by a safe supervisor. Divya Padmini does not fuck anything to content. Else technical contributions flunk miserably in this feeling little flip. The database of blunders in Ayyan is blunt as it unforgivably unclear and can be incomparable cited as an monition for how a wrapping should not be prefab.  Cinema is active attractive the conference for a secure 150 minutes and Ayyan makes you appear at the see every now and then.





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