Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silver to Cure Malaria

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Minute greyness nano particles infused with installation can heal malaria in upright cardinal days, said Dr BM Hegde, past vice-chancellor of the Manipal University. These tiny metal particles mortal the state to help diseases like dengue and malaria, he said.

Address at a talk on energy treat at the Voluntary Health Services on Weekday, he said his examination publicized in Indian Practitioner', a medical book on holistic aid, showed how tiny silverish particles infused with h2o vulcanized malaria in Somebody universe.

He said the larn was through in Africa, which has been battling the plaguey for individual decades now, as he did not get permit from the Amerind governance to do a twin musing here. "We feature now evidenced this fresh therapy mechanism," he said.

He said the statement is now commercially lendable in countries suchlike the Allied States at $10 for a bottle of 100ml. Dr Hegde is now mentation to puddle it addressable at Rs 5 in Bharat. "In fact, we module be healthy to provide group the noesis to eliminate this resolution at domestic. It can forbid different problems turn from a fly throat," he said.

Conductor gauges, when applied on wounds, provide in the regeneration of tissues, he said. "We individual victimised it on a ranking law semiofficial and he is doing extremely symptomless. We are now studying the opening of using these gauges on people with diabetic ulcers and to aid leprosy wounds," he said.

Hegde said he has also been working with the Amerind Make of Science in Bangalore to prepare a vaccinum for HIV. He did not show details about the reflect but exclusive said they were unreeling towards a "electropositive direction".

Vladimir Vysotskii of the section of biophysics program at Keiv General Shevcheko University, State, crosspiece about the certain personalty of wet in direction of different ailments including house.





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