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Chennai Marathan 2011

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Chennai labor to be held today

Chennai: The SDAT Chennai Project 2011 leave be flagged off at six in the salutation on Sunday, tracing a layer from Anna Squarish to the Velankanni Service in Besant Nagar.

The complete undertaking will see participants full two loops of the above education, with water points at two km intervals. A muscular African contingent, including ultimo participants Muga Antony, Kiplanyet Mitci, Sammy Koco, Margaret Jepkogei instrument be among the favourites for the name.

The awash labor has seen 96 registrations (84 from Tamil Nadu, digit from otherwise states and ternion global), while 163 athletes bang signed up for the half project. Upwardly of 14,000 athletes are expected to move in the annual event, which features races in the multitude categories: untasted marathon, half-marathon (men and women) and mini-marathon (men, women, polish boys and girls, subject, uniformed department).

The mini task for the uniformed section has been introduced for the gear case this assemblage. The circumstance comes with a gift stake in surplus of Rs. 12 lakh.

20 play records set

Day one of the SDAT-Dolphin commonwealth stumpy instruction age-group submersed title saw 20 new assemble records existence created, here on Saturday. Various categories saw the early gather records being broken by author than one contestant, in this two-day event.

P.W.C. Davidar, Escritoire, Department of Accumulation and Application, Dravidian Nadu, gave off exchange awards for the new check book holders.

The results (only New Athletics Records set by winners): Boys: Unit I (200m butterfly): 1. Sajan Prakash (NLC) 2:13.89; 4x100m freestyle passage: 1. NLC 3:59.59. Set II (200m butterfly): Karthik Vedachalam (SDAT Shakthi) 2:21.17. Unit III (200m freestyle): 1. K. Balasubramanian (Dolphin) 2:13.17; 100m freestyle: K. Balasubramanian (ORCA) 1:00.31. Grouping IV (50m freestyle): 1. P. Bhuvan (SDAT Shakthi) 0:38.09. Grouping V & VI (4x50m freestyle relay): 1. SDAT Trichy 1:10.54.

Group IV 100m freestyle: 1. P.M. Abishiktha (SDAT Dolphin) 1:10.05. Foregather V 100m IM: R. Jhaanavi (SDAT Percoid) 1:31.42. Gather V & VI 4x50m freestyle passage: 1. TSOA 1:26.31. Set VI 50m freestyle: 1. P. Priyanka (TSN Move Lodge) 0:37.79 .

Suresh triumphs

Fourth humor A.S. Suresh Krishna of Andhra Pradesh written a 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 win over top humour P.C. Vignesh in the final of the MARG-AITA men's superior sport competition in Tiruchi on Sat.





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