Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dont let laptop in Charging for Long time

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Hi friends,
  Now a days we started using the laptop instead of PC. The major advantage of laptop is power saving. This is true, we can surely save the power as it is having rechargeable batteries. But do we use that properly???

Many of us (including me ;-) before )  done the same mistake, that when ever i will start work then i will switch on the charger also. But this is not required, In case you are a frequent traveling person you can have two batteries. The impact of always keeping the laptop in charger will reduce the life of batteries. Make sure the battery is mostly dried then only you can charge it again. Otherwise the life of the battery will reduced.


err, i've lost my batteries x.x"
so i used the charger the whole time im using my laptop..

hi there. thanks for visiting my blog and for the advice about the laptop.

oh my! we use the charger whenever the lappie is in low-batt mode..tsk2x...is this true?? tsk2x..then the battery is in grave danger...thanks for this though..im planning to buy my own lappie and hopefully i can buy two batteries so that i won't have to charge them while they're on...thanks!




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