Saturday, July 17, 2010

Think before Jump in JOB

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Hi friends,
   I seen many of the peoples are started jumping from one company to another company because of not having projects / less salary and many other reasons. But how frequent we are jumping is the question here. If you closely look at the domain experts who are the specialist in their field stayed more than 10 years in a company. Means they are working in the same company for the 10 years minimum, So that they might surely get many ideas in their field. But here I am talking about the peoples who are jumping from company to company just in 1 or 2 years. By jumping they will surely get 30% to 50% salary hike for sure. But will they be the expert in any field? Its really doubtful one. Companies will hire you because not only for your potential, Its basically for their situation. The more experienced persons can be easily replaceable with some less year experienced persons. Your skills needs to be improved day by day. So be in a same company at least for 10 years and always be a key person to your company.


I agree with you .. People should focus on gaining as much knowledge during the beginning of their career and then money will automatically come to them.
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