Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Setup your domain with co.cc

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Hi Friends,
   Are you running your blogs/website by spending more and more amount ? No need for that. co.cc is the one who can give your the solution to setup your free domain. The best choice to setup your own domain is co.cc. The registration is very simple and you can host this in blogger / any other hosting site.

For those, you first need to check with the availability of the free domain name. It will show the options to select the names as well you will get some suggestions also. Once you fix your domain name you need to provide the information using setup the domain.

Just you need to setup your domain with the following details: for ex your site name is xxxxxx.co.cc then you need to setup the following things.

xxxxxx.co.cc    A
xxxxxx.co.cc    A
xxxxxx.co.cc    A
xxxxxx.co.cc    A
www.xxxxxx.co.cc    CNAME        ghs.google.com
(settings will take 48 hours to take effect)

After that you need to map your domain with blogger account -> settings/ publishing -> advanced settings -> sitename.

Also enable redirect to all xxxxxx.co.cc to http://wwww.xxxxxx.co.cc

Now enjoy with the new free site.





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