Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Future of Software Professionals

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Hi All,
   This is really very critical thinking (may be practical)  about the future of all software professionals. If we just go back 10 years back the guys/gals who have completed their BE/BTech any computer related got job into Information technology field and after 5 years they might be surely be as a project managers and Team lead / Technical lead. But the current trend is that every company wants cost cutting. so they are simply terminate all the experienced employees (7+ yrs) and make the same place with freshers.

 Moreover all freshers will not become a project managers as the postings are limited, so what would happen in future is all experienced employees have major impact. The recent World economic crisis shown that true picture to all of us...

 So friends, always keep in your mind "all branches will not be a root" Trend has changed. We need a secure job than high salary.





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