Friday, June 4, 2010

All in One PC - Medical Computer

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      Now a days, computer has become a part of life. We can communicate with each other via emails or chat. email archiving is the process of recording and saving the emails. DataCove server can be installed in anywhere in the network which takes less than 30 minutes. Datacove archives all the incoming and outgoing emails. Zip compression is used so that we can store more emails with less space. No need of any database. It even supports many of the advanced searches such as Advanced search queries, Searches inside attachments, Multiple file formats support, search queries save & restore as well as Parallel search using multiple servers in a cluster. It is available in various models like DC 500, DC 1000, DC 2000, DC 5000 and DC 8000 All this model have different features like users, storage, encryption and so on...

      Computers plays a major role in the medical field. Hence this Medical computer is very useful for human beings. You can view various products for this medical purpose like Medix T22A 22" full HD 1080P, Medix T17A 17'" Value/ Performance, Medix 1700SF 17" Core 2 Duo, Touch so on.... All the products have various different features such as Compact Flash, Ultra-Slim 2.64", Build in CD-ROM, Build in Battery, Fanless, etc.., These features are depends upon the product.

      All in One PC consists VITA 454, VITA 9000S, VITA Pro, VITA LT, VITA 770F VITA KX, medical Grade. For more information about them just have a visit to their site.


i think, that's nice, i will need this for my reference medical computer. thanks




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