Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stand Up Paddleboard

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      Are you all crazy about stand up paddleboard ???? Then why are you still waiting? Now you can enjoy the waves in Gulf of Mexico or flat water paddle on Destin Harbor.  One more important secret behind this paddleboard is that it is a good exercise for our body which helps us in curing the health related problems.

      They offer us Global surf industries SUPs, Quick blade paddles, ohana stand up paddle boards, Kialoa and many more... We can register via online and more over we can save our money because they are providing us at great discount. Let us consider an example of south point timpone stand up paddleboard 11'6'' reg.price is $1,595.00 but they offer us at $1.295.00 which means you can save absolutely $300. Like this they provide us a great chance to save our money. If the product you ordered is in stock then they will ship it in 2 days. Shipping cost depends on the weight of the item you purchase.

      If you have any questions or doubts you can leave a comment in their site by filling a small form with the details like name, email address, city, state, zip code and comments. You can even call them at 850-650-7999 or mail them at getupstandup@cox.net.





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