Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shocking News about Alcatel-Lucent

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Today my friend forwarded a website link which is a very shocking news about Alcatel-Lucent... I am just sharing that with you all ...
Shocking News About Alcatel-Lucent

Many companies are really performing very poor after the merger... Alcatel-lucent is added more value to that statement... Companies who are merging together have to think about the great failures about the losers... We have many history who faced major lose before like, Nokia Siemens, Caritor Keane, Ericsson Motorola,

At least from now on,  they have to think about the output after Merging of two giants like Alcatel Lucent...

Reality showing us the word Merger Means Failure


Thanks for sharing...indeed surprised me a bit..

wooo,,baruku tahu..thanks..tak phm sgt..tp,boleylaa




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