Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Be Sharp in your domain... To be in your job

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Every second we are getting updates in our working domain... you may work in different domain... But it is must to get deeper knowledge in our domain.

If we just look at the Chinese people they are working for more than 15 years in a same company as well in same domain... But in case of India, IT guys are keep on changing their job because of the salary increment , Onsite opportunity and even to overcome some local politics. What ever it is... If an IT guy enters into a domain, he should acquire the knowledge at first. But in India, people thinking to be a manager or a lead in couple of years and once they have reached such position they will stop learning. They are concentrating only on earning... Those people wont be stable in IT field in case any IT crash happens...

So Friends, be sharp in your domain to be in your job.. Otherwise they will be a huge chance for u also get fired...





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