Sunday, May 2, 2010

Defragment - Speed up your Laptop ...

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Speed up your Laptop ...
   Many of us using laptop in our daily life... Everyone likes to keep fast and faster laptop. Even with high configuration laptop, sometimes we will feel laptop is slow... In the main reason of such  slowness, disk drive is the important factor.
   Whenever you are viewing / listening videos / songs in your laptop, it will access the hard disk. The data (Word,video, audio,Documents...) will be stored in hard disk for persistent use. The stored information not really stored in a continuous way... (sectors will not be in continuous order ). So to access a file the hard disk head will move to various positions physically. That will make delay for sure.
   To avoid such delays, Microsoft windows users can use the defragment of hard disk every month / twice a month. This will arranges the fragmented data in a  continuous order.

    You can find the Defragment option in System tools. This can be invoked by right click in disk drive( from explorer C: or D:) and select Tools.
    So improve your laptop speed by defragment ... :-)




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