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Common Wealth Games - Affecting Poor Tamilans

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Common wealth Games about to start on 3rd October 2010 in Delhi, India. For this games, many work has been already started. Government spending more and more money for this to be have a grand success. But they also have to think about the affected peoples because of Common wealth games 2010.

As it is highly needed to concentrate on Transport facility (Road), Indian government planned to build new bridges in Delhi. For that they forced to vacate the poor peoples who stayed in the layout area planned for the new bridge. They collapsed their house with giant machines (dozers). Those people really don't have any other place to stay...

Usually this should be happen by allot them for new house. Then only government should take this kind of actions. The entertainment should not affect any peoples life... But delhi poor tamil peoples got affected. Will government take any good decision???


ROBOCOP, a new police official for Commonwealth Games 2010

DELHI HAS got a new police official ROBOCOP who is very much in news these days. With the Commonwealth Games round the corner and reports of constant terror threats, ROBOCOP is the new Mini Remote Operating Vehicles (MROV) that will help commandos in a hostage situation and even defuse bombs.
Canada based ICOR Technology manufactured robot, ROBOCOP can not only trace the explosive but lift it and put it in a Total Containment Vehicle (TCV), which is used for defusing bombs. This way, bomb squad personnel will not have to expose themselves to the explosives.
MROV has a robotic arm with a 5 degree movement including a turret, shoulder, elbow, wrist and claw joint. It can lift approximately 20 kgs and drag up to 130 kgs. The caliber T5 robot are used by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams across the world and can also drag injured people to safety, climb stairs and negotiate rocky terrain. It has a maximum speed of 8 km /hr.

You call this facts and intresting stuff..
I say , You can't even name the place where it actually happened !
This is India ... People have hearts ...
NO such action is taken place without any proper alternatives..
Who told you this dear ?




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