Wednesday, February 3, 2010

300 Twins in a Village...

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Hi Buddies,
   I would like to share an interesting fact with you all today. You might have heard about the twins, But have you heard about Twins Village?

Kodinhi is the village in Kerala where you can find 300 Twins.

Doctors says that today the women are getting married after the age of 30 So the chances of pregnancy is very low at that age. So they undergo for the treatment. Due to that medicines most of them are having Twins.

An this might be due to the intake of food activity. The most important factor is that, in Negro we can see more twins rate.
One of the Negro gave birth to 13 babies.


mengamankan pertamaxx dulu bro...kayaknya saya mau coba obatynya tuh...saya ke pengen punya anak kembar kayak upin dan ipin...kwakwkakwakw




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