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Tamil Films Copy Cat

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If you wanna make Super Hit Tamil movie, Here is the formula……….

Copy stories from Hollywood


Add Tamil Culture


Add a Young Heroine


Add 6 Songs and fighting sequences



A Super Hit Tamil Movie

Here, I’ve given some examples below…….

Original                                                                                                                           Copy

I am Sam

i am sam Tamil 

Deiva Thirumagal

Deiva Thirumagal Movie Copy Cat I am Sam

clip_image001 clip_image002

Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy

clip_image005 clip_image006

Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy


Original                                                                                                                           Copy

Copycats like Shankar, Goutham Menon, Mani Rathnam,  K.S.Ravi kumar, etc…… are earning Crores and Crores, by simply Copying a Hollywood or European Movie……..


Have you seen Roja movie?
I dont see any similarity between Sunflower and Roja.. Same goes with guna. I do admit a lot of movies are copied but both these stuff you;ve said is wrong :) Rest matches @ :)

u r correct nd spot on.. dont know when this sick copy cat bas*** will start to think for themselves...

Untouchables --> Kakka Kakka. 15 minutes and The Bone collector --> Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. Pachaikili Muthucharam --> Derailed (scene by scene copy). Vaaranam Aayiram is a theme copied fom " Forest Gump" .VTV is also copy of "500days of summer" - Some scenes

Have you seen Bicentennial Man? I saw the movie twice. I can assure that definitely Enthiran is not a copycat movie... Both the films are having different story line...

Have you seen Bicentennial Man? I saw the movie twice. I can assure that definitely Enthiran is not a copycat movie... Both the films are having different story line...

I have not seen sunflower, and I dont know whether there is similarity between roja and sunflower. But I have seen rainmain, there is not even 1% of similarity with Guna. Rainman is entirely different story...

Hi Roy antony, for your information, Enthiran is a copycat of bicentinal man, but its full of bicentinal man. enthiran is a mixture of this movie, i robot, mask, matrix and some tamil movie masala.

I think you are rajni fan..

Excellent collection ...Great JOB

Tenali is a frame by frame copy of What about Bob..entire movies can be watched in youtube..Kamal has to bow down to Bill Murray's performance.

i don thin roja enthiran and nayagan stories are copied from hollywood stories... how could u say like this without any evidences of similarties? those are genuine creations...i admit some stories are being copied but not the same with all

i don thin roja enthiran and nayagan stories are copied from hollywood stories... how could u say like this without any evidences of similarties? those are genuine creations...i admit some stories are being copied but not the same with all

Nayagan was inspired by true story of the life of a real South Indian underworld don called Varada Bhai (Varadarajan Mudaliar) who setteled down in Bombay. Varada started as a porter at the VT Railway station in 1960s. His gang rises in underworld in the 1970s on the basis of bootlegging operations. He later expanded his illegal activities into smuggling, dock thefts, contract killing, acquired considerable wealth, destroyed the law enforcement system, and ruled the city’s underground for over a decade. In the mid 1980s, he became so influential that he used to hold parallel judiciary courts in his area of influence to settle disputes. This is a true life story of Varadarajan Mudaliar.

tamil movies allso copy the hollywood its very bad........

mr. roy you are right not every thig the copied from that movies enthiran is a mix masala it means they copied from many English movies main story from I ROBOT, and the lighting scene from Stealth so its a totall copy of 3 english movies ha ha

mr. Been please watch I ROBOT

only few scenes copied from Bicentennial Man all other things from I ROBOT Mr.Been And Mr. Roy Please watch some English Movies


RAIN MAN - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_Man
GUNA - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guna_(film)

FEAR - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_(film)
Kadhal Kondean : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kadhal_Kondein - HERE MAY BE THE TRIANGULAR LOVE STORY??!!

500 DAYS OF SUMMER - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/(500)_Days_of_Summer
Vinnai thandi Varuvaya - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinnaithaandi_Varuvaayaa - HERE BOTH THE STORY HAVE ONE BOY FALLING IN LOVE WITH A GIRL and THEY PART??? What else is the COPY? YOU CAN SEE A 100 MOVIES WITH SAME STORY IN EVERY LANGUAGE.

AMORES PERROS - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amores_perros
AYUDHA EZHUTHU - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aayutha_Ezhuthu - The story or any single scene is not copied here. THE GENRE OF FILM MAKING is same. This kind of film making style started with 'PULP FICTION'. Few movies in this genre are 'VEDAM', 'KERALA CAFE', 'CRASH'.

CITY OF GOD - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_God_(film)

as this list itself is a copycat from another website end to end...lol

the below has much more list


the film vinnai thaandi varuvaya not at all sinks with any scene from 500 days of summer.i have watched both.sure u should agree with it

Endhiran and Bicentennial Man both were inspired from a short story of Isaac Asimov but given different treatments. Writer Sujatha started the script immediately after the success of "Indian" by Shankar with Kamal. Remember, Endhiran was supposed to be a Kamal movie, then shifted to Shah Rukh Khan and finally landed up with Rajni. In fact, bicentennial was shot after 3 years from "Indian" by which time Writer Sujatha had done major work in the Endhiran Script.

Roja is not a copy from any movie.... Its based on Satyavan Savithri story where savithri fights with yama to make her husband alive.... Mani treated the story in his own style...

Endhiran is not a copycat. Check OSCAR winning director Oliver stone's comment here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBF3svWKNZU.

If Nayagan is a copycat movie, then why it is in ALL Times 100 best movie? along with Godfather. Are they fool?

Roja is a story based on sathyavan saavithri. Will you now say that Sunflower is a copy of sathyavan saavithri?

Mixing truth and lies is dangerous and thats what i see here...Nearly half in the list are not copies of any sort.
@g@nesh...have you seen any of those movies? i agree with derailed and pkcm but not others.


doens't matter copycat.. as long as good and entertaining..

Sut ur moaauuth!! (British accent da en goyaango!)

Is it possible to get all these English films torrent on net?

Is it possible to get all these English film's torrent on Internet? Can anyone help?

Planes Trains and Automobiles - Anbe Sivam (About 70% of the plot copied and the rest is the indian masala to treat the tasteless audience)

Kaakha Kaakha has got elements of Brad Pitt starrer 'Seven'. (Head severed from Suriya's colleague Wife)

Rest of the movies yet to watch and comment.


'Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Anbe Sivam'
The plot is almost the same except a few additions like kamal's love story to suit the local audience.

'Very bad things - Pancha Thanthiram'
Yes some part of it were copy-pasted.

There is an element of Brad Prit starrer 'Seven' found in Gautham Menon's 'Kaakha Kaakha'. (Suriya's friend's wife head severed and boxed)

But the plots of '500 days and summer and Vinnaithandi Varuvaya' are not really the same as 'Nayagan & Godfather'.

Need to watch a lot many movies yet.

Fear and Kadhal KOndein I have to disagree..Different .

What about Bob - Thenali
Yes it is an inspired movie.

Derailed - Pachaikilli Muthucharam
It is an inspired movie. But the last half of the tamil version is a bit dripping.

Brewster's Million - Arunachalam
Very much the same with even the set of guidelines designed to spend the money.

Brewster's Million & Arunachalam
Same story even the guidelines designed to spend the money.

Derailed & Pachaikilli Muthucharam
Same plot but the tamil version is dripping in the last half.

What about bob? & Thenali
Same plot. Bill Murray was good. But Kamal's acting needs appreciation too.

For your information: Telugu's Nagarjuna film 'Criminal' is incidentally a scene-by-scene remake of Harrison Ford starrer 'The Fugitive'.

want to be a film director in kollywood !!!! just walk to parrys corner collect some good hollywood movies then mix it up....

Here a Few Collection by me.patch Adam - vasoolraja mbbs,suberbad - Vaa Quater Cutting,

i already watch The Bicentennial Man already there is no similarities wit enthiran & if one movie is based on hollywood tat will n't placed in time magazine example nayagan ..i'm a died hard fans of the god father films..viewers some only true remaining r fake..

hollywood makers r unnotable copy cats:
1) The 2008 American/Irish romantic comedy film “ The Accidental Husband soundtracks r copied from Indian movie songs like "Yaro Yarodi", "Swasamae" and "Rang De"..
2) The time slice method in cinematography at The Matrix (franchise) is copied from Indian movie Mudhalvan.
3) The 15 mins background score of The Hurt Locker is copied from one Indian movie..

What is the problem of coping the plot or story, only thing the screenplay should be different. Also lot of our old tamil movies are went to hollywood, who knows?. For the past 100 yrs we have seen lot of movies with same stories, like love, revenge,kidnap etc. Only thing the screenplay and sequence should differ. This is not an big issue. If you check the Guna and Kadhal kondaen the same plot but the different screenplay. If the actor is performing well and the movie is super fast or screenplay is very good why you want to bather about to copy. If you people are saying copy is the worst thing then why you people are admire with western culture. Western culture is not suitable for india but still we are surviving with western. 1st stop copy from your western culture food, dress, work culture, then you people can say this is copy will agree. Otherwise we will not agree your people comments.

Pls stop the nonsense comments, because everything copy from some thing. Example, food, dress, drink. So movie is not a big deal. If you enjoy the movie that's it. And who know lot of our old tamil or indian films are went to english. So they also copy from our movies. And we have seen for the past 100 yrs of movies, so stories are very less, only thing screenplay will differ. Most of the story contains, love, revenge, kidnap, robbery, action, music or dance based movie. Only different is screeplay. So don't bather about the copy.Our directors are taking the plot of the movie and put their own screenplay based on our culture. So that's not a big deal. It's appriciated one. For example Avatar movie is copy from our indian movie only that is vietnam colony (malayalam & Tamil). Only thing the screenplay, but you people accept this copy and celebrate this movie as a big hit.You people can say lot of examples about coping from hollywood, but how many of them know how many indian films are copied to english or other languages. No body is not interested about this, so pls search same vice versa and comeback.

99% tamil movies are copy from hpllywood, adjusted to suit the local audiences. in hollywood hero hits only 1 bad guy at a same time, but in Tamil movies he hits 100 guys at a time. Thats the only diffrence.

Hi Seetha,

I see your point. Yes there are copies of movies and other things all around. But the issue I find difficult to accept is that most of these copied efforts never give any credit to the original movie or story. That is wrong in my opinion.

For example, we all know how director Vijay was talking about Deiva Thirumakal as if it was his own idea and product But we all know the truth. That is the attitude I don't like.

Many Hollywood and other movies give due credit to the novels or original work where as I don't remember seeing any such 'credit' or 'gratitude' being shown/given to the original work by these copied movies in Tamil. That is not good.

If the director had the guts to copy the idea from someone else's work then he or she should have the heart to thank the originator of the work.

Another inspired movie to add. Steve Martin's My Daughter's Wedding is the inspiration behind Abhiyum Naanum.

Pudupettai is no way related to City Of God. Story is original and so is the screenplay. Please do a proper analysis before making statements like these..Coz, not everybody watches international movies and they easily get carried away with these misleading statements

The romantic scene from Vaali (Jyothika pretending to ring her friend but talks to Ajith and romances) is an inspired scene from Ethan Hawks film 'Before Sunrise'.

dude .. another comedy is the movies are mixed with more masala stuff and made worse .I wonder how people manage to see Tamil movies With Separate Comedy Tracks ,...

hold it vtv is nt a copy except a slightly the theme .then somehow all hollywood movies a re of same theme ..and gautham is a great dir.,

@ Seetha: It is people like you, so mediocre in their attitude, who apologise for the plagiarists and make them big. One can copy food, drink and dress....they are products. But movies are not only entertainment, they are supposed to be art too. These scoundrels, who call themselves Tamil movie directors, music directors and other technicians coolly come on TV and sit like sons of Saraswathi and talk through their hats about how much of thinking they had to do to do a movie. I have never seen a heart-transplant cardio-surgeon, who comes on TV and explains, how difficult his job was. These brainless criminals called Tamil movie makers copy everything from somewhere, cut, copy and paste and dare to call them as their originals and earn their crores and good life from people like..........of course you know who !!!

endiran is not a copy ofbicentennial man .

enthiran is not a copy of bicentennial man. it may be inspiration.

I hope AMoros peros and Ayuth ezhuthu both are similar.
1. A young man gets into the world of illegal dog fighting in order to get enough money together to be able to run away with his brother's wife,
2. A beautiful young model signs a lucrative contract with a perfume company and moves into her new flat with her lover
3.Finally an ex-convict and guerrilla mourns the wife he left decades ago and longs to meet the daughter who thinks he is dead

three different story meet at an accident - and you cant compare these kind of screenplay with Pulpfiction (Quentin Tarrantino's style - non linear storytelling.. but this movie, you cant add into non linear screenplay.

I think VTV resembles Woody Allen's Annie Hall more....

Harrison Ford starrer in a 1985 movie called 'Witness' was made into a Tamil film in nineties.

The name is 'Soora samharam' with Kamalhassan in it.

A scene from Ayan - Cocaine made into a vinayagar statue is inspired from the hollywood movie 'Traffic'.

And also Virudhagiri movie copied scene by scene from the movie
' Taken '

And also Virudhagiri movie s copied scene by scene from the movie
' Taken'...

Tamil film 'Pattiyal' is an absolute copy cat work of 1999 Thailand film 'Bangkok Dangerous'.

Guys you need to check out this movie yourself. Director Vishnuvardhan sucks !!

I completely disagree that City of God & Pudhupettai are relevant.

A scene from Nayagan - Drugs tied with salt bag is dropped into the water and later restored back after the salt dissolves...

This scene is inspired from Robert DeNiro starrer 'Once upon a time in America'.

Thank you really pertaining to helping have the post give light to many problems we have got before now.

don't forget visit back in

Indian directors call their copies as inspired movies? That's all bullshit.




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