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I just now bought my new GFIVE mobile which is having dual sim and dual battery and with 2mp camera with flash light and expandable memory card and with many feature.

 I also have laptop with me which is not having the webcam facility. Last week I was talking with my friend through skype. He told me to connect webcam. I said to him that I dont have webcam. He told that my GFive mobile is having the facility to make my mobile phone's camera to act as a web camera. I was surprised and connected my camera using the data cable. I got 3 options like,
  Mass storage
  Web Cam
  Com Port

I have selected the web cam option and I was able to see myself in the skype through my gfive mobile phone's camera. Thanks to my friend.  I was in thought of buying a new web camera. But now with my cheap price Gfive mobile phone I can able to do video chat with my friends. Thanks buddy.

 you can also try this one :-)


i have a gfive mobile but it dont show any option of web cam
please tell me how to use it as a web cam

i havea gfive mobile

but it doesnot have any option of web cam
please tell me how to use it as a web cam




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